EXPO-EM (Beer, Trains & Curry)

It’s the morning after a show and people with any sense usually take the Monday off, not at OTCM, straight back to work. We are dedicated like that. As usual we were Portchullin Roadies, with the same mix of trains, beer and curry. It also had it’s usual pitfalls, mainly Marks ropey driving, dodgy wiring and last minute fixes. 

With nothing working and her legs exposed and with opening 3 minutes away, Portchullin is being her typical self
Parking by Mark Tatlow
A Northern trade mark, rain and sun.

But it was all because deep in a dodgy council estate was Parlington liesure centre and EXPO-EM. Under the yellowy light and the sound of lashing rain (rain like only the north can do) was a selection of good layouts and great people.

First up is some photos of Andy Clayton’s mega lush Scottish stock for his forthcoming Queen Street posed on a slighter wider gauge.

We were also really close to Geoff Kent’s Black Lion Crossing which is so good it’s almost indecent. I also spoke to Geoff a couple of times who not only can model top of the range filth is also a nice bloke. 

There was also this North Eastern lovely 

Then we met a man from Australia! Peter from BURROWA was over on holiday and was taking in EXPO-EM and Scaleforum. Why would you not want to spend a day of your holiday in a grey council estate on the outskirts of Manchester? So for his sins he got a shift on the layout.

We also managed to catch up and put loads of faces to names, it was good to meet you all…


3 Replies to “EXPO-EM (Beer, Trains & Curry)”

  1. Reblogged this on highland miscellany and commented:
    Whilst it is fair to say that one of the highlights of the weekend that OTCM have not mentioned – Oly’s ashen face on Sunday and his continuing insistence that he is never drinking again – here is a quick report on the trip to Expo EM.

  2. Guys, great to meet you all and you are lads after me own heart – Trains, Beer and Curry! Thanks again for letting me park my toys on Portchullin and for the fots you took. Got till March 2019 for Glasgow Queen St ( EM) to be debuted, so I’m looking forward to bumping into you all again soon and then on the circuit with the layout.

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