Uckfield 2017: A Postscript 

Well that’s the 2017 Uckfield show done and dusted, and Six Quarters is now established on the exhibition circuit, having made its debut over the weekend.

Overall, things went miles better than we had expected them too, the layout not only worked, which according to Oly was a minor miracle, but actually worked bloody well, and was generally very well received by the visiting public and other exhibitors! Even the mayor seemed to like it…

Aside from a few minor things for us to sort out, the only real improvements we have taken away from the show as being required are some more locos for a bit of extra variety. So it can’t be all bad. Oly is even going to sleep tonight for the first time in 4 months now he’s not worrying constantly.

We just wanted to say a massive thanks to Adrian for organising another excellent show, to all the other exhibitors and to the public for all the kind comments and great feedback over the show, and finally to all of Uckfield club for being great hosts over the weekend, it’s always nice to visit a show where the club go out their way to make it obvious they appreciate you attending and that you shouldn’t be greatful for the invite.

Here are a few photos to remember a weekend mainly dominated by dirty bleakness and rusty coal wagons.

A few other shows have taken details so hopefully we will be out on the road again in the not too distant future.



11 thoughts on “Uckfield 2017: A Postscript 

  1. It was good to see the layout, and it is exceptionally well presented. For me, the best in the show – beating even Arun Quay.
    (Chris, I am the guy you had lunch with on Saturday.)

    1. Hi Simon, it was good to meet you at the show, and another face I can put to a name now!
      Thanks for your kind comments, pleased to hear we are doing something right! (Oly is just having a lie down after passing out…)
      The stuff we model is always going to appeal to a bit of a niche market, with only certain people ‘getting it’, but we will continue to take advice from those with more experience, with the aim of constantly upping our game, hopefully meeting the Gravett’s standards in our opinion too in the future!

      1. Have you entered Six Quarters into the “Cameo Layout” competition, or are you, to quote the Mexican bandits in Blazing Saddles, not in need of badges?
        If you are not already following it, you might enjoy visiting my good friend Mike Cougill’s website and blog, ostpubs.com

      2. Simon, Oly here. Sorry we didn’t meet properly at Uckfield. I have to confess you’ve made me blush a bit with your kind comments on my first solo effort. I have been in York on business today which means I have had about 6 hours on trains to catch up with blogs! It’s also given me a chance to look at Mike’s website. I like all of it, a lot. His approach and attitude, along with his ability to write, is spot on. I am going to ask for his track book from good old Santa.

        In terms of the cameo competition, Mark Tatlow made me enter SQ through some very good nagging. However it might be off the show circuit and everyone sick of seeing it when it comes to judging time! We have Chris’ new one coming as part of the competition which will be sweet, so plenty more industrial filth coming from OTCM towers that’s all hopefully as well received as SQ.


      3. I have been quietly observing your blog for some time, and watching Six Quarters grow from a different concept to most layouts into something out of the mainstream. Ironically for a layout so well framed, there has been a lot of thinking outside of the box.

        I like Mike’s point of view very much, and his book on modelling track is superb. Some of the details are obviously biased to North American practice, but the techniques are universal and the information interesting.

        Also recommend Trevor Marshall’s blog:

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