New year, new post

Trust OTCM to be two weeks late with a new years post, with the two big manufacturers announcing their 2018 catalogues (including some NCB wagon filth from Hornby) it seemed ripe OTCM gave a flavour of 2018.

It’s been a rock and roll period since the end of December, I have separated from my wife and moved in with my parents but it’s not something to mourn. It just means Chris is now worried if I’m not in a bad place marriage wise I’ll start making happy summer based model railways. Living with my parents also has its benefits, there is an insulated shed at the foot of the garden the size of which would make even a hardened model railway enthusiast weep at the potential. The workbench has been established in my Mum’s craft room (a handy place). So all is good, and nothing gets you over the break up of a marriage like a few hot dates and starting a gigantic model railway you can possibly never finish.

Chris is currently having his back bathroom ripped out (which is not a euphemism) so he is currently living with his in-laws but he’s being experimenting with homemade British Steel transfers the results of which he will share soon.

Work has been bonkers, Chris starts a job at one of Britain’s biggest freight operators toward the end of the week and I’ve helped deliver London Bridge final stages and a new platform at Redhill as well shuttling between the UK and Germany looking at the class 717s.

On top of that, just to add to the manic nature of 2018 SQ and myself made it briefly onto national TV as part of the programme ‘Biggest Little Railway In The World’ which is broadcast weekly on a Sunday night on Channel 4. If I knew how much I featured in every episode I would tell you all but unfortunately it’s as much of a surprise to me as to you. Unlike you however I watch it hiding behind a pillow. I’ll give you more on the ‘BLR’ after the final episode.

I’ll just apologize though for the state of the SQ while it was being filmed, and it has a class 20 running box fresh on it because at the time that’s all I had that worked.

As we look toward the whole of this year, as a reader you’ll get more of the same and maybe a podcast or two, some video content and more importantly we are out and about the breadth of the country with SQ, well I say that, the furthest we get north is the Midlands but for me in Deal that’s like Carlisle.

Does all that mean there’s been no modelling? Of course not, it’s been the only thing keeping us sane. I’ve been modifying a Bachy 04 with a cut down cab. Grimethorpe colliery got a couple of these modified by Hunslet after their BR service. We assume because they didn’t fit under some form of loading apparatus. Like most of SQ it’s based on a prototype rather than religiously following one. It just makes the whole loco look far more deviant and evil than it needs to which is part of the attraction. The stove pipe is an off cut of a sprue. It’s rough and ready and requires more filling and filing. 

You’ll also notice in the background is a new DJM Austerity. Which as you know has been such a friend of the blog. I know after previous posts this is like that mate you have who keeps sleeping with that girl you all know is trouble. But it was £60, that’s my defence. I have also given this one all the opportunity on earth to run well, it probably won’t, but then at least this one can only postively surprise. 

Me on TV being seriously unimpressed by Scottish weather

Enjoy 2018 everyone, because there is no way it can be any worse than 2017.



2 thoughts on “New year, new post

  1. andyj82

    A glass of red at the modelling bench! That’s way too sophisticated. I’m liking the yellow on the 03 though. Here’s to 2018 and more cake 😉

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