A pair of Janii… Or a brace of Januses?

Don’t panic, I’m not going to try and master the English language by debating the correct plural for a Janus, but it does leave a minor dilemma when you’re dealing with them in multiple!

Anyhow, the announcement a while back that Oxford Rail were planning to produce a Janus diesel cane as very welcome news here at OTCM towers, we are big fans of the class and, as probably the most typical steelworks loco going, I was on the verge of commissioning someone to build a couple from the rather excellent Judith Edge kit. We don’t normally do chequebook modelling here but I’ve done etched brass kits, and, while they look OK I get zero pleasure from building them and someone else can do a much better job so I’d rather focus on being able to spend my time building something I actually enjoy…

The Oxford Rail model has been reviewed several times online already, so I won’t bore you all with another one. Readers could do far worse than peruse James Wells’ review on his West Halton Sidings blog for a comparison between the Judith Edge and Oxford models.

I was lucky enough to pick 2 returned models up with a big chunk knocked from the RRP for no real reason other than a few minor cosmetic blemishes… this was of little bother to me as I wanted to repaint mine while doing minimal modifications, the only real one being the filling of the hole in the bufferbeams.

As mine are intended to go into use at a coking plant first, with likely future use on a layout based around a steelworks, I decided to use the same shade of green I’d previously finished my Sentinels in – Vauxhall Leaf Green. If the M.D. of Halfords happens to read this blog (and I’m sure they do) please keep supplying your range of 80’s car paint aerosols, cars are definitely still painted in such awful shades!

Inspiration was gleaned from Orgreave Coking Plant near Sheffield, where locos wearing a darker green shade worked Like this and from the Scunthorpe area, this abandoned loco at Flixborough Wharf by Gordon Edgar being a Stunner

Having left the locos on the side for ages, this weekends trip to Holland and Oly wanting to run some British Steel Traction on Six Quarters (the Lowca Light Railway was a joint NCB/BSC operation in its later years…) I finally got my arse into gear and cracked on a couple of weeks ago. The body splits into 3 parts (cab, bonnets and footplate) which make it easy to spray and work on, and fill the bufferbeams.

At this stage I got distracted from the original spec and decided some new buffers would look good on one, so some RT Models examples I had in stock were duly fitted.

After a coat of paint, weathering and reassembly, I am quite happy with how my pair have turned out:

Next job after our jaunt to Holland will be to replace the plastic handrails temporarily refitted with some soldered up from 0.45mm brass.

So thanks to Oxford and Golden Valley for saving me a lot of time (or money paying someone to build them for me) allowing me to crack on with various other projects in the kit draw!


12 Replies to “A pair of Janii… Or a brace of Januses?”

    1. That’s quite interesting James, although not entirely surprised if there are a few dubious measurements in there given the relatively complex shape of the real thing… the important bit for me though is that it all looks to be in proportion, and to the eye looks like a Janus! Which bits did you find were ‘interesting’ out of interest?

      1. The body, so bonnets and can all seems to be right. However, the buffer beams are 6″ too short. The prototype has 4′ deep buffer beams whereas the model’s are only 3′ 6″. Not a huge problem but the steps have had to moved upwards to line up with the buffer beams, which also means the bottom of the valances has also been moved upwards. Once you see it, it’s quite obvious.

        I’m going to rebuild mine – not a major project but I feel it’s something which shouldn’t be an error.

        Clearly none of the magazines looked too closely!

  1. they look simply amazing…. I’m trying hard to pretend they don’t exist (for the sake of my bank account), but seeing them dirtied down like that makes them look excellent. Well done. Super impressive paint job!

      1. It is on my wish list, but the Dynanometer car, J70 trams and the BR 07 take presidence (I can’t afford them either, mind). Hahaa. But yes, you are right… I want one.

  2. Looks brilliant Chris, just the right level of grime too. I agree about Halfords car paints, all my models are painted in them, usually British manufacturers seem to have the right shades for locos!

    1. Thanks Corwin. How on Earth Halford deem it good use of valuable shop space to stock a range of colours nobody apart from railway modellers actually wants is beyond me, but long may it continue!!

      1. My understanding is that the range of paints is mostly crafters, hobbyists, model makers, DIY-ers etc. – I suspect very few cans ever go anywhere near cars! My wife has used various paints for refinishing chairs for Burlesque dancing!

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