BWS Update 4: Plodding along steadily

It’s been a while since I last posted a layout update – things have been progressing gradually, but nothing really that exciting has happened to prompt me to write about it…

So what have I managed to do in the last couple of weeks? Well, pointwork construction is now complete and the vast majority of the track is now down – I guess this is quite big news but it’s only happened in small bits!

A catch point has gone in to protect the BR infrastructure from the industrial – this should co-act with the adjacent point but having spoken to various people who know what they are talking about on the subject, I’ll probably just solder it solid.

All rail lengths have had droppers soldered to their bases and passes through the board as part of the track laying process, although only a small detail, not having wires soldered to the side of rails makes a worthwhile difference I find.

Scenery wise, the landscape now has a hard shell of papier-mâché over the polystyrene on the central part of the layout – the sections at each end still need a bit of work to confirm the contours but the bulk is coming together

I was concerned that the baseboard as originally built was a bit too flexible, mainly being constructed from 6mm ply. As such I’ve added some additional framing to the underside and this has strengthened it up considerably, albeit adding quite a chunk of weight… the important bit is I can still carry it upstairs single handedly though!

Last but not least, the outside of the layout has been smartened up with a coat of black paint, which has helped me to visualise the scene inside and how/where to place the various scenic details. It will need another coat but that can wait until I’ve stopped making a mess on the layout!

Next up will be getting the network of wires dangling from the bottom of the layout hooked up and getting the backscene installed I think.



2 thoughts on “BWS Update 4: Plodding along steadily

  1. This is all looking very good. One word of advice, becarefull none of those wire are in contact with the underside of the PCB sleepers and don’t put any pins through them, otherwise you might be there for a month of Sunday’s trying to work out why it’s all shorting out. That’s the only problem with double sided PCB.

    1. Cheers Colin, Can’t say I’ve had any issues along those lines when dabbling with hand layed points previously but a good point well made – I always double check mine before finally laying and don’t use any pins so guess I’ve been lucky! Chris

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