Thank you even more, Accurascale!

You may remember a couple of posts ago, I reviewed the new Accurascale 24.5T hoppers and the overall conclusion was that they were top drawer, and probably the best RTR model of a wagon yet produced. In fact the only issue I picked up on was a minor QC issue where the incorrect vertical stanchion had been fitted to one wagon… not a major issue but something worth noting.

Then 2 amazing things happened:

1. It turns out people actually read this blog. (Hard to believe but apparently it’s true.) Some of whom are quite important in the industry. (Even harder to believe but again it’s true.)

2. As a direct result of the above, and via a convoluted route through Paul Marshall Potter and Oly using multiple communication platforms (10/10 for effort), unbeknown to me, Fran, the main man at Accurascale, sent me a new wagon to replace that with the QC slip, which I received last weekend totally out the blue!

Beyond all else, this shows Accurascale are committed to modellers and understand what goes on in this hobby. Given I’d already modified the original and covered it in paint, they are sufficiently proud of their product to send a new one to replace it, understanding people don’t like to leave models untouched. In a world where some manufacturers invalidate any form of warranty the moment you remove a screw or take the body off, this is a refreshing angle and one we must congratulate Accurascale for, although I reckon the number of instances of QC issues are very small in the first place given the quality of the product.

Without wishing to make this sound like too much of an advert, Accurascale have just announced their next model, a Cemflo, which, although rather out of the scope of OTCM, will be another useful wagon type covered to modern standards, so we will look forward to that one!



4 thoughts on “Thank you even more, Accurascale!

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  2. These two guys really show others how it should be done. I had a lot of confidence in their ability to produce the goods after completing their initial questionnaire about what modellers want in a model from them and they actually took notice. One of the things (like many others apparently) I wanted was an easy conversion to EM (or P4 if thats your bent ) and o and behold we have a product in the HUO you can just drop a set of Gibson wheels into. Bloody magic, no farting around moving brake mechs or hacking plastic away for clearance.

    I also had the pleasure of chatting to them at the Perth show at the end of June, culminating in myself shelling out for a set of HUO’s which will run on North Ballachulish. What lovely pleasant chaps they are too, articulate and know exactly what they are doing and where they are going. By comparison DJM were in the other Hall at Perth, complete opposite of Accurascale, full of bullshit and sat there with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

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