November Modelling Day

Yesterday I met up with the usual bunch of trouble makers (minus Oly), not to visit Warley like everyone else in the hobby, but for our (roughly) quarterly modelling day. We like to keep these very informal so the usual format is a couple of hours modelling, a pub lunch and then a few more hours modelling…

I managed to get a few things done, trying to focus on things for BWS which can easily be carried out away from the layout – as such I put together a Stoneybridge Structures office building, to sit in the coal yard at the very front of the layout. This is key to blocking the view of the ‘hole in the sky’ when looking at the layout from ground level, and I had intended on scratch building a structure to fit when by chance I found this kit, which has saved me some time – lo and behold not only was it the same style as my planned structure it came within a couple of mm of the intended size too!

I also managed to get a couple of walls cut out for the drivers mess room, working off a mock up made from MRJ card. This may only be a simple structure but it is the first one I’ve ever built from scratch, so it’ll be a bit of a learning curve… hopefully the finished item won’t look too bad!

I also took delivery of Mark’s latest signal for the layout – an LNER ground signal to replace the LMS/BR standard designed one as he decided that wasn’t right for the layout!

So what did everyone else get up to? Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos (I’ll use the excuse I was too busy modelling…) but in between talking a lot, Pete spent the day cutting and then glueing hundreds of individual Perspex panes of ‘glass’ into his overall roof. Having done one and a half ridges out of 9 required in a day it might take him a while, but the results will be well worthwhile! John spent the day fettling the Dave Bradwell A1 chassis he has been building for ages (what a kit) which by the end of the day was running a lot better than at the start of the day, while Mark spent the morning breaking things then the afternoon having an in depth conversation with a P4 Jubilee while playing around with a SPROG and the various functions of a sound chip.

In other news, plenty is going on with BWS still, it’s well overdue a progress update so I’ll aim to get one done ASAP. A little side project has been a Bachmann 03, which started out as the military one and was picked up for a good price ex set on eBay. An evening spent removing the transfers and repainting the white wheel rims and handrails in black has left her looking a lot more industrial – she just needs a new identity and some weathering to be ready for traffic.

That’s about all for now, happy modelling!



3 thoughts on “November Modelling Day

  1. Mark

    A regular modelling day sounds like a grand idea! Pub lunch, even better. 🙂
    I suspect that getting suitable projects ready to work on on the day provides a nudge forward. I know I would need to do some planning to come up with something portable.

    1. Thanks Mark – it’s a great way of getting quite a bit of modelling done, and being able to share skills, I reckon I’ve learnt a fair bit since we have been doing them!
      It’s usually a case of working on some stock for the layout, quite unusual for most of us to actually be working on static things to fit to our respective layouts when we got back home!

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