Does anyone remember? Anderstaff Yard

In a new series OTCM will bring you layouts from the distant past to the not so distant past that inspired us in a series inventively named “Does anyone remember?”

So does anyone remember this beauty, Anderstaff Yard? First layout I ever operated, ever ever. Would hope it didn’t have a tragic end, always thought the modelling was top notch and operation bob on. It absolutely nailed the period a young adult wanted to model, and the track work was right filth. I still always look on eBay just in case one day it appears, mothballed and forgotten, ready for two deviants to resurrect it.



4 thoughts on “Does anyone remember? Anderstaff Yard

  1. james6y99

    It was a great layout to watch really captured the 1998-00 period well.
    It was also great to see some authentic operation as well. This is often missed on a lot of layouts but these boys did it justice no stupidly placed signals or stop boards all done correct.

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