Wagons Roll

Don’t worry, we are still here!

Well it’s been 2 months since BWS was out on the road at Railex, and while it was nice to have a little time off after, we were both soon back on it.

As per usual, progress has been a bit slower over summer but I’ve been working my way through a variety of wagons that have been sat in the stock box unfinished for a number of years. In most cases these have been flat wagons that I’d never painted the deck of, not previously found a technique I was happy with. Coming back to these with a fresh pair of eyes, new techniques and a year or so more of experience, I immediately found a result I was happy with, and this has subsequently been applied to all the wagons, albeit with plenty of variations.

The idea of finishing these was to create a pool for use on metal trains on BWS. On digging them out the stock box however, it was pretty obvious I had rather more than would be required for a 4ft layout so it’s become a rather larger project, with future, larger, layouts in mind, from which I can select a few to take to shows with BWS.

First up a couple of plate wagons, straight from Parkside kits:

A Boplate from the Cambrian kit. I have another of these waiting for paint still in the queue:

A couple of Twin Bolsters, these are both from Red Panda Lowfit Kits, and still require some Vac cylinders (left them off to add weight and now can’t find them…). I’ve just found a couple of Bachmann conflats which also got converted to Bolsters so will supplement these with a pair of those at some point:

As I keep pushing my modelled date forwards, having gone from early 1970 to early 1973, mainly as my interest in air brake wagons has increased, these Double Bolsters are probably now pushing it – they would likely have been converted to Plate wagons by this time. However I like them so they will stay for now. I might mark them up on the other side as Internal Users to get away with them!

Moving onto something with a roof, this Shokvan is a Red Panda kit, and will be employed delivering something fragile to the world, possibly tinplate – just don’t ask what it’ll be used for!

Finally, and again a victim of the moved timeframe, these are 2 of 3 Hornby Toad E brake vans that have been weathered up. They are just too much of a nice model not to use though….

There’s a few more metals wagons to do, which will more than cover off the basic fleet needs. After that I’m planning on turning my attention to some more specialist wagons, Trestles and Coils mainly, to cover off the principle types of metals traffic in South Yorkshire during my era. In the meantime, there’s a couple of little jobs to sort on BWS to get it prepared for Uckfield in October – mainly bits I ran out of time to sort before Railex!


3 Replies to “Wagons Roll”

    1. Thanks Steve. Unpainted wood, i.e. The deck, is first painted with Halfords grey primer, then I’ve used 4 shades from the AK Interactive ‘Old weathered wood – cold’ set to paint individual planks.
      Underframes are painted in a dirty black shade made by mixing Tamiya NATO Black, Flat Brown and a little Flat Black. I then cover the whole body with this before cleaning off with a cotton bud to leave a nice residue. Finally some weathering powder on the deck brings all the shades together and softens the edges a bit.
      Hope that helps!

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