At night…

… I’ve always thought the ‘proper’ railway takes on a different character at night, the glow of signals reflect off the polished railhead and the glow of the signalbox lighting illuminates the surrounding area. Even better, there’s still places on main lines in the UK where this is the case.

It may be 23.45, but the signaller on duty in Stockport No2 still has plenty to keep him busy, constantly walking up and down the frame between block instrument and levers, in this case giving the road from Stockport No1 to Heaton Norris Junction for the late running 6E27 Liverpool-Drax Biomass working.

3 Replies to “At night…”

  1. Hi, I enjoy reading through your blog for a bit of inspiration, I was wondering what happened to some of your youtube videos, especially the step by step on the green class 20?
    Many thanks.

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