Little improvements for the Oxford Janus

It’s been a while since my pair of Oxford Rail YEC Januses got any attention – readers with long memories may well remember the last time they appeared on the blog: A pair of Janii… Or a brace of Januses?

Anyway I finished that post saying that I’d sort the handrails out. Some time ago at one of our modelling days, I took the opportunity to sit down with some 0.45 brass wire and the soldering iron, and put together the required handrails ready for install. These looked nice and tasty on completion:

And after a coat of primer and a black rattle can, we were really in business:

These were then stored in the modelling draw awaiting me feeling in the mood to fit them – I also wanted to fit better decoders and some form of stay alive to the loco as we found them to be very sensitive to my dodgy track laying at Railex, and it seemed sensible to sort that before fitting new fine bits…

Fast forward about 5 months and with BWS’s next appearance at The Uckfield Show looming in a couple of weeks, I thought I should probably get my arse in gear and sort them! Space inside the Janus bonnet is incredibly limited, particularly width ways, so fitting the decoder and stay alive was a bit of a squeeze but with the bodies back on and test running showing a definite improvement over dirty track, I got the handrails glued into place. To top this off I also fitted the Narrow Planet works plates that I’d been carrying around in the loco box for ages!

I’m pretty happy with the finished results – the handrails definitely look better than the originals even though they are far from perfect, and with running improved as well it’ll be good to get them out in the public eye.



7 Replies to “Little improvements for the Oxford Janus”

  1. They really look the part guys. I’m getting lots of inspiration from your site, from the weathering to the fantastic wintry trees, it’s all great. Have you still got the class 20 weathering videos on youtube?


    1. Hello Steve, I unfortunately deleted them as I thought no one was watching them!! So I had a youtube tidy up, however look out for some more train videos as I’m planning on doing a few others that show processes better. Oly

  2. It will be good to see them at Uckfield on the 19th and 20th October. Probably one of the better show around in the South…..

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