On the road to Uckfield 2019

Next weekend, 19th and 20th October, Bottom Works Sidings will be making its second exhibition appearance at Uckfield 2020.

Uckfield is always worth a visit, probably being the best show for finescale modelling in Kent and Sussex. It’s a shame this year they’ve let their standards slip by inviting BWS but there we go!

If you are visiting the show, do come and say hi, and feel free to comment on the good and bad bits of the layout. Mark Tatlow and Andy Jones will be helping out so if anything falls off it’s Mark’s fault.

Oly won’t be around though, he will be in Inverness instead. Personally that seems a bit of an extreme measure to avoid 3 link couplings under OHLE but each to their own!


3 Replies to “On the road to Uckfield 2019”

  1. Good luck with the show guys, a pity but I cant get there but I hope to see your layout again in the future.
    I’ve a question about your youtube channel, I cant see the class 20 weathering videos any more, have they been taken off?
    Many thanks.

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