Uckfield 2019: In retrospect

I can’t believe a month has passed since Uckfield, and I’m only just getting round to actually writing about it, but with a weeks holiday and a trip to Workington with Six Quarters (more on that in a later post) having taken place in the interim, I guess it’s easy to see where the time has gone…

Anyway – Uckfield was, as ever, a great show, and I’ll stick by my previous comments that it is now the best show in the South East if the finescale end of the hobby floats your boat… on display was a top quality line up covering most scale and gauge combinations, and a wide variety of prototypes.

The Uckfield club did a great job of looking after us for the weekend, and were jumping at the gun to help me unload when I arrived on Friday evening, which is always a nice touch even after a short drive. Even better the tea was brewed and ready to go too, and at the end of the show, a rapid exit resulted in the layout being safely tucked back away in my loft within 90 minutes of the show closing, which must be a winner.

BWS performed well all weekend, with guest operator Will learning the ropes quickly…

And Saturday night was spent on the bash as the show conveniently ties in with the Spa Valley Railway diesel gala and real ale festival, which is a complete winner for Saturday evening entertainment at a show!

I didn’t take photos of all the layouts, but here are a few that caught my eye:

Orford (7mm)

Midland In Bristol (7mm)

Thakenhan Tiles (7mm)

Chica, IL (HO)

Blueball Summit (2mm)

Roll on next October for the 2020 show!


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