Lockdown Powder

No, it’s not a sudden addiction to the white stuff to quell lockdown boredom. It’s more another attempt at weathering without the airbrush.

Chris has luckily managed to finally move house after a protracted process, which selfishly has meant he hasn’t been able to solder up some points for me. So while I wait for them I’m continuing with the East Kent theme with a loco able to exchange with a proposed East Kent light Railway Deal branch. This is Dover’s 1291, a classic Bachy SECR C class. 1291 didn’t get BR numbers or embellishments until May ‘51, so the plan was that post war she would of been a bit weather beaten.

It’s my first model of a local main line engine and I enjoyed it. Should look quite nice sat next to the EKLR Radial tank exchanging a few wagons on the flats of Richborough. I also added a modelu traction inspector as a bit of a different vibe, overseeing the driving with a stern expression.

Again all done with brushing, powders and cotton buds damp with spit.

We’ve both brought tripods so hopefully we should in the future be able to record some of these techniques to share rather than just finished models.

I’m also moving house imminently so hopefully full scale dedicated modelling space will be available and we can both start churning out new layouts and more stock.

Enjoy the fine weather and I really hope you are staying safe and sane wherever in the world you are. Oly

One Reply to “Lockdown Powder”

  1. Beautiful work. I’m not at all surprised you’re managing such fine results without an airbrush – if anything, then developing these techniques will only add to what’s possible once the spray equipment becomes available again.

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