MRJ 279

We are pleased to say that Bottom Works Sidings appears in MRJ 279, which is out now. 

BWS shares space in the magazine with a major feature on Copenhagen Fields – there is nothing like tough company when it comes to comparisons being drawn! I don’t think we compare too badly though, with a 4 page article that sets out to cover some of the opportunities taken to learn new skills and develop existing ones while working in a small space. The only thing we can guarantee is that BWS won’t be on the circuit for 30 years like Copenhagen Fields!

When work commenced on the layout, back in 2017, I don’t think I ever considered the possibility the layout would make it to the final of the competition, let alone that it would have it’s own article within MRJ, the contents of which I think we have always felt are to a much higher standard than we achieve…. The finished result has only been possible by listening to and learning from others, challenging ourselves to do better, and not being afraid to redo anything that doesn’t look quite right.

Hopefully our readers enjoy the article.


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