Return of the Workbench

After what has felt a very long period of disruption in modelling output, while both of us moved house (we have to do things in parallel you see) things are now back up and running at OTCM towers, so hopefully there will be some renewed bodging coming your way over the next couple of months…..

Oly’s new work area. Books above and tools to the left.

Oly has gone smart with plenty of space for books above (because more ideas can only be a good thing…) in what has now been assigned the ‘train room’. Meanwhile, things are still temporary for me, some spare furniture from the move currently blocking the area allocated as workbench space within the ‘layout studio’. I’be therefore been sticking with my old work table until this can be installed – that hasn’t stopped it getting filled with a wide variety of half finished projects….. the first job is to crack on and get these finished off before I start anything else, there’s quite a lot so I’d best crack on!

Chris’s temporary workbench – excuse the mess!

Hopefully this will result in an upturn in modelling related content over the next few months!


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