The Morning Shunt

We may both live in Kent, but that doesn’t stop us being 60 miles away from one another – with the various lockdowns etc over the last 18 months, opportunities for OTCM to be united as one unit have been quite limited. With things easing, I was down at OT towers for a few drinks, and it only seemed appropriate for the SLW class 24 featured in the last post to have a trip out and a play around on Oly’s shunting plank.

It seemed rude not to film this, so feel free to enjoy 6 minutes of one of the most engaging locos to operate shunting pointlessly around:

It may not have escaped readers notice that Oly has been updating the layout and making it a bit less 1950’s East Anglian and a bit more 1970’s Northern…. any resemblance to other OTCM layouts is purely coincidental and it was not intended to become a replica!


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