Layout Plan Archive

Like most modellers me and Chris do our fair share of pie in the sky thinking and most of it ends up in a half scribbled down drawing and gone forever.

What we have decided to do is add an extra page to the blog that contains all these layout plans in a single location.  We hope to maybe help or even inspire people a fraction.

Each plan is not necessarily to scale but we will try to give a brief understanding of what the thinking was behind it and what it was we were trying to achieve.

Please use them as you see fit…


Oly & Chris


Plan 1/ 1945-1949 East Kent Light Railway Extension – Oly

Based on a real life proposal to build an extension from Eythorne on the EKR to my home town of Deal. Dreamt up after the Oxford Rail EKR Radial was announced. Quite a big layout for me but with a nice area of flowing track through Kentish scenery. Imagined it in one of the finer scales. Mixed trains, run down but with a hint of that light railway feel.

Further Reading: The East Kent Railway Volume 1: The History of the Independent Railway & The East Kent Railway Volume 2 Nationalisation, Route, Rolling Stock, Operations both by Maurice Lawson-Finch, Stephen R. Garrett.


Plan 2/ 1985-1990 London East End Silvertown rip off – Oly

Following looking at Bullied EPBs and Chris looking at somewhere up North that reminded me of the place I was drawn back to Silvertown and the North Woolwich Branch. Here in my mind is a small curved EM gauge layout.

NSE could just have painted the lamp posts red as a Blue and Grey EPB shuttles past on the single track as a Stratford 37 waits to come off the tramway with some scrap wagons.

The road at the front drops away about 1 1/2 inches from left to right and with buildings and fencing at the front would force the viewer to look through whatever gaps you wanted him or her to creating some really nice scenes. Or as Chris said flip the whole thing on it’s head and view it from the outside of the curve giving a much more accessible area for viewing.

Further Reading: Best bet is start here –


Plan 3/ NCB/Industrial Loco shed diorama – Oly

Era wise could be anything from mid 40s through to 80s.

Based on NCB shed at Pontarddulais. No points and is an shed layout that will enable you to see about 80% around the stock. Nothing much to it at all just open at the front for it’s majority. Inspired by’s Villier Street.

Further Reading: British Austerity Saddle Tanks by George Edgar will give you the flavour of industrial steam.