Does anyone remember? Anderstaff Yard

In a new series OTCM will bring you layouts from the distant past to the not so distant past that inspired us in a series inventively named “Does anyone remember?”

So does anyone remember this beauty, Anderstaff Yard? First layout I ever operated, ever ever. Would hope it didn’t have a tragic end, always thought the modelling was top notch and operation bob on. It absolutely nailed the period a young adult wanted to model, and the track work was right filth. I still always look on eBay just in case one day it appears, mothballed and forgotten, ready for two deviants to resurrect it.



January Modelling Day

Last weekend we had a trip down to Pete’s in Havant to do a bit of modelling. Despite some cold temperatures a reasonable amount of modelling got done and a healthy lunch was consumed, washed down with a decent pint.

Mark was multi tasking (or trying to) weathering some of his own stock for Glenmutchkin while helping Pete out building a Judith Edge 06 shunter. Now we have said before that Mark and Pete are OTCM’s very own version of the Chuckle Brothers, and this was again in evidence as Mark continuously went forwards and backwards to help out! End results from the day for Pete looked like this:

And for Mark looked like this:

John in the meantime was quietly making very good progress on a couple of circuit boards being built from MERG kits for the Scalefour Society South London Area Group’s new layout, based in the area around Blackfriars. In fact he was making such good progress he had finished and packed up by the time I thought I should take some photos!

With Oly skiving, the only other output of the day was from me, I spent the day working on some Model Scenery Supplies tree armatures that I picked up following their review in December ‘s MRJ. These look good from the outset and are a great starting point saving some time starting from scratch, but I found their appearance could be improved greatly with a bit of extra twisting on the branches. A quick coat in a filler and PVA glue mix was done before we left, leaving me with these:

Primarily these are supposed to be Silver Birch and Beech, these seeming to pop up on old industrial sites and around railways quite a bit. And have been trimmed down since the photo was taken to provide a little variety in height.

Next up is a coat of paint and planting on the layout to hide the fiddle yard exit, but I’ll leave that for a layout update post.


Postcards from Stevenage

Last weekend saw the CMRA holding it’s annual exhibition in Stevenage, always a worthwhile trip with some top quality modelling on show and plenty of familiar faces to have a chat with… it’s also pretty good from a trade perspective, plenty of specialists are there providing a one stop shop for your modelling needs – I was able to stock up on plenty of scenic bits for BWS (some of which have already been fitted!) while I also getting lumbered with a request to buy enough modelling supplies to keep Mark Tatlow going for the next decade…

Here’s a few photos of some of the layouts that caught my attention around the show:

SQ out on the road again…

This weekend, Six Quarters will be out on the road again, somewhat more local than other recent shows as we are at Canterbury for the CCMRS show:

More details Can be found here

Fingers crossed there will be no rewiring or similar major surgery required prior to opening time… if you are at the show come and say hello!