About Us

We are two like minded modellers from the West Kent area, who got to know each other when Oly joined Tonbridge Model Railway Club, where Chris was already a member. Being of the same age group, and finding out we shared very similar interests, a friendship was formed and we have worked together on many modelling projects since.


Oly (left) and Chris (right) looking cold while operating ‘Stoating Bank’ at Model Rail Live, Barrow Hill in September 2012.

We try to take a slightly different approach to the hobby in comparison to the stereotypical railway enthusiast, and weekends away exhibiting at shows are seen as an opportunity to inspire the public and have a good time rather than the deadly serious view many exhibitors seem to take…. Although we strive to make things as accurate as possible, at the end of the day it is only a hobby and hobbies should be fun!

The main focus of our modelling is the transition era of British Rail, between 1968 and 1972, following the demise of steam and charting the gradual introduction of corporate blue, in 4mm scale, OO gauge.

In addition to the trains operated by BR, we are both into industrial railways from the same period, with steam locos in very poor condition rubbing shoulders with small diesel locomotives running amidst the grime of industry.

Modelling two of the least modelled prototypes means our layouts tend to be a bit different and (hopefully) stand out from the typical GWR branch termini and modern motive power depots you see so often. Despite what people may say, just because there is no mainline steam this is not modern image modelling – it is still over 40 years ago, that’s twice the length of time kettles ruled the roost with British Railways on their tanks and tenders!

That is not to say that we do not dabble in plenty of other subjects as the mood takes us, occasionally projects in other scales or following different prototypes will take our fancy, and why shouldn’t it? (That word fun springs to mind again.)

The purpose of this blog and site is to present our modelling activities to anyone who is interested. As well as providing details of the layouts we work on the aim is to do a monthly workbench update showing how things go, as well as expressing any views we may well have on news and our experiences in the world of railway modelling.

Oly and Chris.


17 Replies to “About Us”

    1. Hey Rick, I really liked that blog post on the F unit prototypes. Is it true I read that it had interchangeable sides and EMD could put perspex body sides on to show off the internals to customers? Or did I dream that???!


      1. Hi Oly,

        I’m very sorry about my late reply, please forgive, I just saw your question….
        I think it is entirely possible to apply perspex to the body sides for exhibition purposes.
        In the 1939-40 Worlds Fair (New York City) the General Motors pavilion had an EMC E6A (cab-unit) and E4B (cab-less booster), both state-of-the-art streamlined passenger units, greeting visitors right outside the front door. There are quite a few few pictures on the internet (I’d search “1939 World Fair General Motors Building”). They even wore two colour schemes! Anyway, there are some photos with the side panels removed for public viewing. As these locomotives were outside, it is entirely possible they had perspex walls to keep the elements/dirt/garbage out.

        I finally had a chance to look around your blog – I like it very much!
        You really do some very fine work.
        Thanks for taking the time to bring this to us.

        With Best Wishes

  1. Hello
    Just wondered if you had an email address I could use to contact Oly regarding an exhibition invitation?

  2. Enjoyed seeing Six Quaters at Canterbury yesterday (20-01-2019) Fantastic layout, it just oozes atmoshphere. The tree is fabulous and thank you to Chris, I think, for explaining stuff to me, especially the weathering of your wagons. Off to games workshop today to get some Typhus Corrosion paint! One question I forgot to ask was how do you paint the underframe of the wagons?

    Many thanks for inspiring me.


    1. Hello Steve, thanks for the interest! If I’m not having an airbrush session and just painting, I’ll mixed up some tamiyas, usually with no thinner to a nice filthy colour – “NATO Black” is usually a good base with some greys and a bit of brown (not a load though). Powder usually finishes a chassis off nicely, either a dark, ash, coloured one and a MiG one called “Industrial city dirt” that is quite light but gives a great finish when applied lightly. Happy modelling and show us the results! Oly

  3. Hi, Inspired by Bottom Works, I am embarking on Lyminge/Lympne Colliery Sidings as a Micro- using all three modes of traction. Here is the utter genesis ….

    1. Hi Duncan, we are still here! Posts have just been a bit thin on the ground lately as we have been busy with work etc, plenty on the horizon though including a new layout!

  4. Hello Chaps,
    One of your older blogs has a piece about putting shackles onto a BR conflat container. You suggested it was a test of patience! Would you please advise me where these may be ordered?

    1. Hi Duncan,
      If memory serves me correctly they are Ambis Engineering parts…. I don’t know if they do online ordering (picked mine up at a show years ago) and Their website doesn’t look particularly user friendly but I’m sure they are on there somewhere!

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