Sound System 1st Test

It’s less than a week until Uckfield and one of my promises to myself was the layout would have ambient sound because at least then something would work when all the wires fall out and the bodges became obvious.

It’s taken until this weekend for my mate, ‘Uncle Dom’, to get all the bits to me (he’s an electrical shop owner, so the wait was worth the mates rates)

As well as showing my avid shed assistants it gives an idea of what the little cubes can do when let loose. It’s massively over the top but it gives an indication of future applications with DCC sound.

Hopefully I’ll see loads of you at Uckfield, I’ll be the one having a panic attack in the corner of the green room while Chris mops my brow with cold water.



2 thoughts on “Sound System 1st Test

    1. James the best thing I’ve discovered is playing the Thomas theme tune when he appears while you undertake shunting. It makes you grin like a 5 year old.

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